Many a forest used to stand
until a lighted match got out of hand

Bruce The Nomad 2011 and 2010 Travel Plans
This is our recent travels and activities as of May, 2011.

To the right is a photo of the hot rod and motorhome at our 2010 summer job in Oregon.

May - September, 2011
Camp Volunteer
at Coconino National Forest, Flagstaff, AZ

Molly and I have been working as a Camp Volunteer during the summer of 2011. I took this job in order to stay in Arizona, save some money on travel. And I get a chance to explore northern Arizona which I haven't done since the 70's.

I will continue to send out notices of my activities and regularly, if there is anything worthy, update this travel log as applicable. I hope you are enjoying this. Send me your comments and suggestions. I always like to hear from my "Family & Friends".

I will update and modify this schedule as dates get altered or events dictate a new schedule.


Bruce and Molly
Above is a photo of the Nomad motorhome, Molly and the hot rod
at Camp Elden, our Forest Service camping area.
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